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♪ ♪ the oscar selfy that crashed the oscars or our selfy here? >> you've got to like that. we want to start on a russian invasion. the military forces of put *. deeply entrenched i entrenched e with more forces on the way. there is some drama yet on this as we start a fresh week here in america's newsroom. martha: good morning, everybody. ukraine calling it a declaration of war. the president of the ukraine says russia is trying to kill us
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close quote. watch this. >> all options are on the table. there is no question but that russia needs to understand this is serious. we and the other friend and allies engaged in this are deadly serious about this. bill: you have the words, now possibly some action. gregg palkot is in london. what is the latest. >> reporter: i have been watching this all throughout the weekend. it's being called the biggest confrontation of russia and the west since the fall of the soviet union. we are talking about the russian takeover of the cry m -- of thea of the ukraine. 10 combat helicopters have been counted as well as 8 military
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"argo" planes. military. 8 military cahgo planes. we markably ukraine is calling this an invasion. nothing short of war. no one injured, no one killed yet. >> what is being done to resolve this either here in the u.s. or on behalf of the european union. bill: the u.s. and nato are trying to figure out how to disentangle themselves from this russia-ukraine situation and not coming up with good solutions. secretary kerry is not taking the military option off the table. but nobody is suggesting a return to the cold war status.
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in washington they are talking about sanctions, economic and diplomatic moves. plans for a g8 meeting in russia being suspend. the u.n. secretary haig is in washington. there is talk about that. over the weekend we saw and heard about a 90-minute conversation between pu between vladimir putin. and the president. they are worried and a lot of concerns in a lot of places right now. bill: thank you, gregg palkot leads our coverage in london. martha: president obama took hits on his handling of this
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situation. republicans are saying vladimir putin looks wild. senator rogers says this is not a game. he says if it were a game the russians are playing chess and the u.s. is playing marbles. >> i think it's a naive position on the part of the national security visors if they keep giving things to russia they will wake up and say the united states isn't that bad. that's missing the motivations of why russia does what it does. >> every time the president goes on tv and threatens russian or anyone else people's eyes roll. president obama needs to do something. martha: has the u.s. dropped the ball on foreign policy and is this the result of it?
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we'll talk to kt mcfarland and general jack keane moments away. as americans call for action there could be little that could be done. the brits are saying no military action is being discussed. here are the options. hitting russia in the wallet. they plan to freeze assets of various assets and institutions. there are travel restrictions, banning visas. the u.s. and other g8 nations suspended plans to hold their june meeting in sochi. they say russia's actions go against the principles and values on which they operate.
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bill: here is ukraine, the capital city of kiev is where it all started. the action is down here in crimea. it's on the black sea. and that's critical. this is what we believe is happening inside ukraine. five major cities, sevastopol is where the russian navy has been headquartered. all five of these towns we are told have been under the control of the russians. the blue shade seems to favor by a slim majority or overwhelming majority, loyalty to russia. the red has don't reverse. them have gone with europe in the last eviction. these are the oil -- these are
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the natural gas pipe lines. look how many run through ukraine. they all come out of russia and go through ukraine in the black sea or feed their way toward europe. and especially slovakia. the lines that go into slovakia feed germany, and italy. 90% of the europe's oil reserves come from -- come from russia. the reason this is so important to russian interests. this is the black sea, it's water and it leads to the south and toward the mediterranean. it gives you an idea of what putin is thinking and what folks in kiev are thinking. martha: john kerry heading there
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to try to discuss some way out t of this. more than 100 people turned out to demonstrate outside of independence hall swrentsing their fury of russia's takeover of crimea. only a week ago they cher cheering the ouster of the president. bill: new rules from the epa would deal with regulations on oil refineries, but the move could raise the cost of gasoline and the sticker price on an automobile. an announcement comes from the supreme court considering the legality. martha: a fox extreme weather alert again. another fierce storm crossing the country bearing down on the
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east coast. 100 million americans in the path of this one. take a look at washington, d.c. they are not too used to it and they are not too good at it either. they tend to shut down. >> reporter: it is windy and icy. overnight they had a few hours of heavy rain and that prevented road crews from coming out and retreating the surfaces. anything they want to push down would have washed away. you have got a sloppy surface across the street from the u.s. capital. and the layer of ice underneath now has power crews on the lookout throughout the mid-atlantic for outages and road crews coming through trying to play catchup. most schools and colleges in the area are closed. federal government offices are
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also closed as well as reagan airport. of single flight that is listed as a departure out of reagan a few miles away is canceled and all but 50s arrivals are canceled for now. you see the post office. rain, sleet, snow, they are still working. but reagan airport, a bad scene over there. tomorrow we have fat tuesday. today fat chance anybody is coming or going from washington. martha: you look good out there, peter. them legitimately canceled business in washington. bill: here in new york city it's the 7th snowiest winter on record. the past three months the third snowiest and third coldest in the windy city. the second snowiest run record. 87 inches of snow in detroit.
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they have had more grand rapid recording 103 inches of snow making it the 6th snowiest winter on record. martha: the 6th snowiest. everyone fees like it's the worst they have ever seen and it's not even in the top five. bill: i'll bet you a buck two weeks from now -- three week from now we'll get socked again. martha: we'll get a beautiful spring. that's my prediction. that's the reward for all of this. we have got a lot to get to this morning including this. it's fun when you go to a restaurant right on the water. except when that happens. we'll tell you -- unbelievable what happened.
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that's coming up. bill: i think there is room for at least three more. that is the selfie seen around the world. the oscars that smashed record online. martha: darrell issa saying lois lerner will come back and testify and what she knows on the irs scab today. but what she wants before that could happen. >> we don't know what she has done. so why would you give someone immunity if you don't know what criminal conduct they engaged in.
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martha: china stepping up its security after a gruesome attack in a strain station.
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10 attackers killed 29 people leaving 150 others injured. the government is blaming the attacks on the separatists. they killed four assailants and captured another. but at least 5 remain on the loose after that horrific weekend attack. >> she'll testify. we believe that the evidence we gathered causes her in her best interest to testify. bill: after issa left television her lawyer says he does can't know what issa is talking about.
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i'm confused? what's going to happen? >> she is going to testify at some point. i can't believe there is a negotiation. when you issue a subpoena in the united states of mayor kate' not negotiable. when you receive a subpoena you show up. what i heard most recently within the last couple hours is she may be asking for a delay. it's been about 9 months. she may want another one-week delay. bill: this is what her attorney said. as of now she continues to assert her first amendment rights. i do not know why issa said what he did. clear it up, can you? >> i read some of the email traffic. i think chairman issa is spot on
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on this. she knows a lot about this case. we issued a subpoena. we voted on this. this is not own optional activity. we are not giving her immunity. bill: it appears this is a public negotiation or perhaps not so public, perhaps private until yesterday. there is a possibility that lois lerner will push for a one-week extension? >> we have it scheduled for wednesday morning at 9:30 in the morning. it appears she'll push for a one-week delay. one week, okay, but we have to make this happen sooner or later. bill: you want to know what she knew and you want to know what other people knew.
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does lois lerner have all the answers. >> she has all of them. she was the intersection of this. it was president obama who went to the east room and declared what an outrage this was and they were going to get to the bottom of this and the department of justice start sad criminal investigation and congress started looking into this. it was only later that the president came back and said there is not only a smidgen of any corruption. but obviously there is a lot that went wrong here. she knows how that started, and i think she knows who got the information, who was involved in those discussions, where it went up and down the food chain. we want to hear from lois lerner. bill: darrell issa told chris wallace, the evidence we gathered is in her best interest to come and testify. characterize that evidence and
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would you say for lack of a better phrase from a different story at a different time, a slam dunk? >> the silver lining for this 9 months of delay is it allowed our investigators to get into the cincinnati office where they said all the problems were and talk to a host of people and gather additional information. our questions will be much more in-depth ann with a lot more testified to back it up than it was months ago. if lois lerner thinks she did herself any favors by waiting 9 months, we'll have much more probing answers. next week it's going to happen. bill: jason chaffetz, thank you for your time. martha: as russia invades ukraine the secretary of state heads to ukraine.
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bill: rain in california' causing mudslides and wild waves giving diners a dinner they will never forget. it looks like that scene from "wolf of wall street." the waves crashing the window of a restaurant in santa barbara.
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>> you have got high tides. huge surf and a lot of rain. and what that's creates is a lot of havoc and destruction along the coastline. martha: in southern california all that rain should have been good news. how much did these storms help? >> reporter: that's a good question. even though we did get some record rainfall the past couple days it has not been enough to get us out of the drought. what it did bring was the threat of mudslide. mud ended up crashing down hillside, filling up residents' backyard in a community of azeusa. residents were allowed to return but they are still keeping a close eye out.
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>> we could have more rain two days later on the mountain could give in and a lot of mud could flow. >> reporter: the storms brought dangerous surf up and down california's coastline. they swept on to beaches. great for some surfers but dangerous nonetheless. even with all the rain it didn't bust the drought but it brought rain to an area thisy for rain. martha: how' rain will they need to help the drought? >> reporter: we got more rain than they have seen since december 2010. it brought the los angeles region into half its normal rainfall for the season. it put an end to an unusually long wildfire season.
6:27 am
saturday governor jerry brown signed legislation freeing up water restrictions to help residents impacted by the drought. the forecast for the local area, a lot of sunshine, not much rain. martha: that's southern california for you. bill: a facebook photo sparking a major controversy. a-month-old holding on to an assault rifle. martha: republicans slamming president obama for his response to the crisis in ukraine saying quote president obama is running circles around us. the the series of foreign policy stumbles that may have gotten us to this moment. >> i think this is the most important territory to putin himself. there is an old expression that russia without the ukraine is a
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country the ukraine it's an empire. ♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i uld angot her a subaru. irl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a suru, a subaru.
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martha: as russia invades the ukraine, russia taking a big hit by its critics. they say president obama has been outmatched and they say it's not the first time.
6:32 am
mike rogers says vladimir putin is running circles around the united states. >> i think putin is playing chess and i think we are playing marbles. if you look at the nuclear negotiations we got our fannies handed to us. they took tactical nukes out of the region, huge mistake especially for our allies in the region. martha: general jack keane and kt mcfarland is our political analyst. she spent a lot of time in the white house and has a lot of expertise as well. did this ball start rolling because of what happened with syria? >> it happened before that. putin has had a 15-year plan to rebuild the soviet empire and rebuild russia's greatness using russia's oil and gas exports.
6:33 am
he built pipelines to europe knowing then europe would be dependent on russia's natural gas. he also gained big windfall provwind,windfall profits. i don't think he anticipated he would find son somebody as weak as the obama-kerry team. nobody has talked about what happened during the olympics when putin went back to moscow. an egyptian general went to russia where they signed an arms deal. in one fell swoop egypt has chosen russia over the united states. it's stunning. martha: it's remarkable when you
6:34 am
late out that way. especially in the 15-year plan that's been going on. militarily. putin told kerry nothing is going on here. it's laughable in some ways. >> it's a serious state of affairs. i agree when everything kt said. i would justed a this. putin knows the united states is a world power. economically dominating in the world today. but the fact of the matter is he knows the united states has a leader who does not want to lead the world. that's different from our predecessors. this is global power pole particulars. the fact of the matter is it's fundamentally a test of will. the psychological aspect of this is significant. our president has refused time
6:35 am
and time again to step up to this. this is the beginning of something here. china is watching. iran is watching and north korea is watching as well. if we don't act strong here and do something. you have a list of them and kt and i could add 10 or 12 things to that list. there has to be retribution. we have to stop him in going into eastern ukraine. the fact of the matter is we have to force him to pull his troops out of there. martha: you two are talking in a completely different way than the obama administration is look at this. the fact remains that they are living in the place they are living in and they are very committed to this strategy. so listen to john kerry after it
6:36 am
was said what is your response somewhat they have done on the ground there. >> we are not looking for a u.s.-russia, east-west rededuct here. we want russia to work us with the ukraine. if they have serious concerns about the russian speaking people in ukraine, there are plenty of ways to deal with that without invading the country. they have the ability to work government, they can work us, they can work with the u.n. >> what is the big punishment we are going to do to russia? we are going to kick them out of the g8. , they are shaking in their boots. i have a piece on the fox news website on all the things obama could do to stop putin in his tracks in his tracks. it's to use economic warfare and the threat of going around putin's neighborhood and making friend who we have not made
6:37 am
friends. he understand the long game. we have to stopping what our finger saying you are not with it. got the wrong headline, guys. get with it. martha: angela merkel said this is not essentially gorbachev we are dealing with. vladimir putin she says is not dealing in reality. she says he's quote in another world. general keane until we understand that what chance have we got with all this? >> the most important thing i learned my entire life as a military person. you have to understand your enemy before you can hope to have influence over them. we have to admit that we have a russian nationalist who is seeking regional domination while he is accessing countries with russian ties to him that are not in nato.
6:38 am
he's interested in countries who are not under the nato umbrellas that have russian fieps. nato wake up. president obama and secretary kerry wake up. we have the capability to deal with them even short of military operations. we should stop ring our han hans saying this is too hard. there is much we can do to poke this guy in the eye to make him understand what was done by him. martha: we will show comments made by mitt romney and sarah aipalin, and they were actually right. bill: a facebook photo of a baby holding a rifle stirring up controversy. a 6-month-old connecticut child
6:39 am
holding her father's unloaded rifle. stirring up memories of the deadly attack at sandy hook. but he has also received a wave of support saying the picture is innocent. send us a tweet at bill herman martha maccallum. earlier it was referred to as an assault rifle. it's both action rifle and it's getting talk in the state of connecticut. martha: we'll have a good debate on that in the next hour. the cost of obama care mistakes are racking up. how much you could be on the hook more all of this. bill: a heartfelt acceptance speech for matthew mcconaughey. but his acceptance speech has
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people saying all right, man. you go. >> first of all i want to thank god, that's who i look up top. he has graced my life with opportunities that i know are not of my hand or human hand.
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martha: it's a busy time for president obama because he has more than just ukraine on his plate. today he will hold a critical meeting at the warehouse sitting down with benjamin netanyahu. they have lots to discuss including nuclear talks with iran. they will discuss the influential pro-israel lobby in washington. bill where obamacare mistakes are starting to add up for taxpayers. in the state of maryland it's
6:44 am
spending $30 million on its own defective website. how are you? >> reporter: we survived the snow thus far. bill: you are not done yet. a glitch costs $30 million in one state. why is that happening? >> maryland was almost as bad pass the federal government in making a site. they are partially scrapping it and partially starting over. it's a mess. almost as bad as it is in oregon where they have had a systemic failure. it's that expensive in a state like maryland because they had a big bet they could get a ton of taxpayer money for their residents by being early,
6:45 am
enthusiastic adopters of obamacare. bill: when the feds pay that means we pay. >> there is that, yes. bill: these are taxpayer dollars coming out of washington to keep this thing online. and the price for obamacare keeps going higher and higher. >> there is that. but these democrat states have made a bet which is that it's going to hurt, there will be some cost outlay associated with this, but the size of the subsidy on welfare payment on medicaid recipients and the number of people who will get subjects does, it will make up for it. the president has says states like this are having these problems they will waive the rules to test people for income. they don't have a way to do it. so these states like maryland are going to get a freebie for 6
6:46 am
months. they just have to sign up for insurance somewhere then say please give me some of that free money, then they will get some and they will try as the administration likes to say true it up 6 months down the road. bill: maryland is one. but massachusetts is having issues, hawaii. you mentioned the state of oregon. did these states screw it up or did they trust the federal government to get it right? >> i think it was much harder than the folks in these states assumed. and also we have had a lot of these obamacare directors and the state level quit and leave. the difficulty of the job was far beyond administering a state level welfare and entitlement program. it turned out to be very complicated because the law is very complicated. this is part of a trend we see with obamacare. even its staunch yet supporters
6:47 am
and greatest enthusiasts find out putting it into action is much more difficult than it is with it's on the drawing board. bill: this is working on 6 months. not 6 days or 6 weeks. it's look half a year down the road. those who want the free money and have applied. we are talking about a relatively small number. but as we get closer to the end of the month when the voluntary compliance period with obamacare is supposed to end. the president is nudging his way out to the point where he says i have granted extensions for my supporters and allies in the business community. in big labor. i have got to do this for individuals. so this is probably the beginning of a cresting wave that we'll see over this month as the administration gets ready to call an audible and push back requirements under this law. bill: a lot of these states are
6:48 am
democratic states who voted for this administration and in all likelihood they supported the law when with it was passed. >> their frustration is it's not delivering the free money as quickly as promised. the out of pocket costs exist. a bailout of these states for this stuff, there will be money made available that the president won't use his pen and money will be made available to states like maryland to reconcile these lens -- these ls because a lot of these states have fiscal problems as well. bill: sign up for his news letter foxnewsfirst. chris stirewalt will have a message for you every morning. martha: as the deadline to sign up for obamacare approaches, you have a lot of people signing up for an alternative to the new
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>> oh, yes! martha: pretty funny. big winners squeezing in with he
6:53 am
will even degeneres. it became the most retweeted photo in history. ellen said let's put a picture together. hollywood stars could not help but all crowd into the shot. then she had the pizza delivery. the oscars were about a lot of things including mostes and the dresses. so julie banderas has been boiling it down for us. >> president obama held the previous world record. she packed in plenty of punch lines including mocking hollywood's inclement weather as of lately. >> welcome to the oscars. for those of you watching around the world. it has been a tough couple days for us. it's been raining. but we are fine. thank you for your prayers.
6:54 am
>> that was the pizza delivery mid-show. it was hysterical. she goes around and collected money from a bun of the wealthy well to do actors in the audience. the other was ellen as glynda from "the wizard of oz." remember last time she came out dressed like a swan. she came out dressed as glinda. that costume got the entire crowd in his tear is. martha: she gave a lot of award. >> a lot of expected winners. jared leto no surprise there from the "dallas buyers club."
6:55 am
best director. lupita nyong'o ron the oscar for best supporting actress in "12 years a slave." and cate blanchett one best actress. matthew mcconaughey took home best actor and made a memorable accept answer speech as well. >> first off i want to thank god because that's how look up to. he has grace hide life with opportunities that i know are not of my hand or any other human hand. >> "12 years a slave" won the oscar for best picture. there were several musical performances as well that brought the audience to their feet including singer pink wearing red as she sang are over
6:56 am
the rainbow. sit went long, 3 1/2 hours just past midnight. just missed the end of steve mcqueen's beautiful speech because my dvr had a scheduled recording for another show. bill: the white house set to release environmental regulations that could cost you money. but are they legal? martha: the president is getting ready to respond to the russian invasion. here is the question for the president. what is he about to do?
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> fox news alert. the white house is going to announce another round of environmental complicatiregulatt could increase the price of gas or your car as well.
7:00 am
welcomeou get up? >> about 10:00. the standards on gasoline is the latest in the series of regulati regulations. >> byron work is here. he is fox news contributer. it looks like another rush to come down before the epa is allowed to this on their own >> this is going to make you pay more for gasoline. nearly a dime a gas by some estimates. this is a continuation of a reglartory scheme. gasoline as 300 parts per
7:01 am
million of sulfur. it has been reduced to 30 parts, 90%, and now they are trying to go down to 10% and there are questions about the health benefits at all, but there are a lot of cost problems. it isn't on new car makers as much as gas refineries. it will cost them a lot more to get it down after reducing by 90%. >> it comes down to decide whether the health benefits, and everybody likes that, but it is a question of whether or not it would do that it to a measurable affect and whether it is worse it in terms of increased prices >> the obama administration is saying it would cut hospital
7:02 am
visits for asthma by 200 visit as year. the fuel industry is disputing whether it would be that much of a benefit. the issue is there has been an a enormous reduction and does the epa have authority and does it make sense to impose large cost on american consumers, maybe as much as a dime a gallon, without clear benefits. >> byron, thank you very much. >> thank you, marta. russia is refusing to pull their troops back and sparker fears of a full-scale invasion. marco rubio said it is time for united states and nato to consider military options >> if you look at countries that neighbor ukraine, poland and
7:03 am
others, we need to provide them with being there. >> jennifer is live at the pe a pentagon. what are they planning at this point? >> nothing at this time. a military operation isn't being planned. secretary state john kerry has been the point person for the administration and he said this on sunday: >> there could be ultimately asset freezes, visa, bans, there could be disruption of the normal trade, business drawback on investment in the country. >> russian troops surrounded
7:04 am
basis and two fighter jets crossed in over the black sea overnight according to the ukraine's defense ministry. john kerry is going to be in ukraine tomorrow. >> what about nato? >> nato ministers were meeting for two days and it was clear there were no military plans for the ukraine and russia's actions there. the north atlantic council, the political arm of nature -- nato -- met yesterday, but after speaking to the russian president, they were told the russian leader is quote not in touch with reality. there are about 6,000 troops
7:05 am
inside ukraine. they defended the action at the opening of the human rights meeting in geneva. >> this is a question of defending our citizens and ensuring human rights >> he is trying to calm things and letting them know they have no plans of threatening them. >> how did we get here? things unravelled on february 20th when dozens of protesters were killed in kiev marking the bloodiest day in since the cold war. the president was kicked out and then he was granted asylum in ush russia and day later russian
7:06 am
troops come in. and then russia is granted permission to deploy and they put of their armed forces on high alerts. this is coming at the same time the defense is cutting the military budget. they will allow the pentaoreggo focus on the future according to chuck hagel >> we are coming out off the war, and now we reset our posture and assets and enterprise based on the new realities and preparing that institution for the challenges of the future. >> mike emanual is live. the timing of this budget
7:07 am
reduction is interesting when you consider what is going on in the world. >> james clapper, the direct of intelligence, said al qaeda is not on the path to defeat. there are hot spots across the globe and a number of lawmakers focused on defense who question if the new defense budget is naive >> look what is happening with china and the middle east. we could not have done the surge in iraq with an army that size >> others suggest cutting back on the army and aircraft. why the countries are around us are watching >> what are the administration's al allies saying in defense of the cuts? >> they want the best military trains and their hope is we
7:08 am
wouldn't need a large army in the morning. >> we will not engage in another land war like iraq or afghanistan. a long-term commitment that cost too much in human lives and treasure. and secondly, we need to reduce spending in all areas. we expect them on capital hill to defend the plan. putin used his army to invade ukraine and expect that to be brought up. >> and questions about whether we are cutting spending on all levels in the budget. that is coming in the coming days. >> washington, d.c. is getting hammered. >> shocking testimony at the start of the blade runner's trial. famous for being the first double amputee to run in the
7:09 am
oly olympics being accused of killing his girlfriend but claims it was an accident. what did he hear from the first witness? >> the witness was mitchell burger and she lives two yards from his house. the first day of the court, she was called to the stand and told the court she heard on the flight of the killing a woman screaming. -- night -- she described them as being terrifying. here she is now -- >> it was very traumatic for me. you could hear blood curdling screams. you could hear the fear in her
7:10 am
voice. >> and she said they were coming from the victim and were absolutely filled with fear as she put it. >> his lawyers will lay out what type of case? >> in discrediting this witness saying that 200 yards is a long ways to be from his house for her testimony to be reliable. and then they will say that this was an accident and he thought he was firing through that locked bathroom door at an intruder. >> jothank you, john. a christian alternative to health insurance that is picking up steam. how fellow believers are helping each other paying bills and avoiding the website >> and now to a truck plowing
7:11 am
inside a store and no one died. one witness will describe the chaos >> and the president is under intense pressure to respond to the crisis in ukraine. is there anything that can be done to stop putin? >> nothing is going to happen because it doesn't mean anything to putin. he is committed to reconstitute a newer, better version of his evil empire.
7:12 am
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fox news alert. watching the korean peninsula. they have fired another round of missiles. a u.s. defense person is aware of the launch and monitoring. a week ago they fired four off
7:15 am
the coast. so updates on what is happening as we get them. >> russia's rapid invasion of ukraine is blowing up in a a full-scale crisis. the president is calling out vladimir putin saying there is going to be cost. but south carolina senator, lindsay graham, doesn't buy it. >> stop going on television and stop threatening thugs. it wasn't your strong suit. every time he goes on there, everybody's eyes roll >> the u.s. is viewed as weak and this is inviting aggregation. we have two people to talk about this. wh about what lindsay graham had to say?
7:16 am
>> i don't think what happened has anything to do with the united states or president obama. i think this has to do with putin not wanting to lose control over ukraine. so saying president obama had something to do with doesn't make sense. it he is suggesting it happened because president obama was weak than that means russia invaded georgia was bush was weak and i don't remember him saying that was bush's fault. >> i don't think we can blame of the forces, but he knows we are pulling back and people like putin take advantage of that. the issue isn't what happened, it is how he responded. when we uses the same words to drawing a line and there is
7:17 am
going to be consequences if the line is crossed and we heard that before and saw no consequences. and on friday after the president made the statement that lindsay graham is referring to, he went to a dnc fundraiser and declared happy hour. so it hard to take him seriously. >> let's take a look back at a couple moments. this is from sarah palin and then go to the president -- sarah said this about the invasion of georgia and what she thought could come after that: >> the russian army invaded georgia, senator obama's reaction was one of in decision and moral eegive quivalence qui
7:18 am
and it gives them the credit to invade ukraine. >> and then there was the issue of mitt romney saying he thought russia was our greatest political foe and he was laughed at during that. >> a few months ago, when you were asked what is the biggest gop threat and you said russia. the 1980s are calling for their foreign policy back because the cold war has been over for 20 years. what do you think about the comments as they are relevant to what we are seeing play out today? >> i will go back to the main point. i didn't see sarah palin saying anything happened in terms of georgia being invaded because
7:19 am
bush was weak which is the argument being made. and i don't see as serious as this is, this makes russia our primary political foe so i think obama is correct. i think most would say al qaeda is a bigger threat. doesn't mean russia isn't a danger. >> there is a line that can be drawn between syria, russia, iran and such. the suggestion mitt romney was making is they are linked. and you can say no one holds the puppet strings over putin, but how strong america is on the world stage, as history shows, it does matter >> why wasn't georgia bush called weak for the fact that georgia was invaded? >> that is a valid point. but i am not sure it matters.
7:20 am
>> but the reason this is happening is because of what putin thinks about ukraine. but because of what he thinks about the united states. there is nothing that we could do to stop him from doing this. maybe we could do things get him to pull back but he is not going to let ukraine go >> george bush was on the way out and it looks like obama was coming in. this is a bigger issue of how america looks on the world stage and the other world powers that don't have the best interest at heart of americans and filling that power vacuum and he is doing that. he's seeing the opening as president obama pulls back the military and isn't doing much to prevent thi prevent thinks like this thfrom
7:21 am
happening. >> and the defense of iran, syria, and how the ukraine is an issues. perhaps the president is going to act on this economically at least. >> we know obamacare has had countless problems since the website launched. but how about a christian alternative? we will explain >> and a facebook photograph of a baby with a rifle in the ba back-seat stupp stirred up talk and support of the dad also. we will talk about this after the break. irred up talk and support of the dad also. we will talk about this after the break. the break. ♪
7:22 am
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7:25 am
frightening scene at grocery store in las vegas after an eldery driver lost control and drove through there store >> employees were running around. people were hurt hugging and crying outside. it was a bunch of commotion >> that is what you can say about that. 17 people were treated at the scene. 9 were taken to the hospital. but everybody is expected to be okay. >> good for them. a health care alternative. exempt from obamacare requireme
7:26 am
requirements. more are becoming part of health care ministries linking others together who share the cost. garret is working this from chicago. how does it work? >> you have a card, premiums and an annual deductible. when one of her three boys crashed his bike, knocked his teeth out, she paid $100 out of pocket for her deductible and sent meda-share the remaining $1200 in medical bills, all of which was covered by other members. >> they work as far as insurance. but it is a christian option. it is cheaper than anybody i know that is on a normal insurance plan. >> they agree to live so-called
7:27 am
bib lical lives with minimal alcohol con susumptconsumptin o. >> there has to be a catch >> cost like regular doctor visits a not covered but the big thing is because they are not insurance providers they are not legally required to pay the bills. >> if you are con fidant you wil not need health insurance, maybe this would be okay. but i want insurance that ensures. >> meda-share says in the 21
7:28 am
years of sharing bills, they have only had a handful of complaints. the atf is taking heat for undercover operations to get people off the streets. the methods use it coming into question >> and what can be done to stop vladimir putin. >> we are not trying to make it a battle between east and west. we don't want to return to the cold war. ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ le announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal cnks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. con sump is healthy enough for sex. dnot take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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bill: 10:30 in new york. want to get back to story, breaking news from overseas. getting a report from interfax agency, russia is giving ukrainian forces in crimea a deadline to surrender or face a storm of military action. interfax is reporting that russian prime minister medvedev and vice president joe biden have talked about this situation as well. michael turner, member the house armed services committee. back home in daytona, ohio. sir, thank you for your time at the moment. let's go on the headlines we believe is happening now based on this threat of military action within 24 hours, based on what we think we know, what do you make of it? >> it is not really a surprise. actions of russia are clearly military invasion.
7:33 am
putin having asked for it, the authority to use force. this is clearly a putin-created crisis as putin began to interfere with the affairs of ukraine as they were trying to execute an agreement with the e.u. with the president and prime minister ultimately being removed and russian forces invading of the secretary of state in the comments you played earlier said this is not east or west conflict but clearly it is in the putin's eyes and ice of russia. bill: mike religioners is said putin is running circles around the united states. what do you expect him to do? >> well, i think the president needs to significantly change the u.s. policy. he is based the policy on russia when they feel more secure causes the world to feel more secure, actually what we're seeing the reverse. when russia feels more secure they tend to be more adventurese. that is certainly what we see playing out in the ukraine today. >> so what does our president
7:34 am
do? >> well there's a couple of things the president can do. he one, can strengthen our ties with nato. he is exposed to expansion of nato that left ukraine, georgia, montenegro on hold. he could move forward with strengthening those ties. he could move to allow export of u.s. natural gas currently russia has a grip on europe where they are beholden to russia where they use it in the geopolitical leverage tool box. we can by entering into the opportunity to do that export and make a difference economically and have our al like some additional freedom. bill: there is a statement made by gentleman named david cramer and worked for president bush in the department of state with with regard to russia and awe krien. this is what he said. if the authoritarian tyrant, vladmir putin is allowed to get away with this unprovoked attack against his neighbor, a blatant
7:35 am
violation of that country's sovereign territorial integrity, u.s. credibility, already damaged by obama's poor handling of syria will be down to zero. allies won't believe in us, enemies won't fear us and the world will be a much more dangerous place. i take it you don't disagree with that? >> absolutely. even "the washington post" says the president's foreign policy is based on a fantasy. while the president retreated, cut our military, cut our missile defense as a result of objections to russia, even caught in open mic incident in putin negotiating secret deals, cut our nuclear weapons programs, he signaled a retreat at a time when certainly i think our allies would look to us for security. bill: one more point on all this. adam kinzinger, republican colleague out of illinois. you know that gentleman as well. he previous stated on sunday that is not a whole lot we can do to respond militarily?
7:36 am
if that is the case, are our hands tied? >> no. the president needs to change course here. i again, that is what people are seeing as a result of his policies. he has been implementing a policy in foreign policy and military policy based on that we have no adversaries. russia is not adventurous or aggressive state. he needs to turn b face. he needs to strengthen our allies with nato. needs to strengthen the military, not reduce it. the effects of his sequester certainly seen by russia on our forces. so we're being perceived, rightly so, at this time being weaker than we normally are. this president abandoned policies of prior administration. bill: sorry about stepping on your comment. we'll see if the president has a comment with meeting prime minister benjamin netanyahu in white house. that meet something still on. if john kerry is in kiev
7:37 am
tomorrow or tuesday, we'll see what statement he makes then. it will be interesting to parse the language to see where the statement is now. thank you, michael turner, republican from ohio in dayto in. martha. martha: there is growing effort underway to get a powerful new painkiller off the market. is a heroin-like drug that is called zohydro approved by fda in october. a growing number of doctors say this pill has the potential to become the next deadly street drug. john roberts is live in our atlanta bureau. john, how much opposition is there to this drug? >> reporter: good morning, martha, a lot. a coalition of groups and attorneys general from 29 states have written to the fda to appeal it rescind their approval. it is very first pure form of hydrocodone in extended release form. because of extended release form it contain much higher levels of
7:38 am
hydrocodone. few as two doses could cause an overdose in many adults. georgia's attorney general said it will be drug of choice in pill mills and its potential of abuse brings it too dangerous to bring to market. >> this will be the new kid on the block. this is what you ask for. i want the newest and the best. and those kids that take it aren't going to be told, owe, by the way, only two can kill you. so i think it is very, very dangerous. >> reporter: sam olens says there are plenty of other drugs already out there at market to treat pain and there is just no reason to bring this drug to market, martha. martha: frightennings. what do the fda and drug companies say about this drug? >> reporter: they say there are legitimate uses. the company wrapped up a lengthy conference call talking about the benefits. they say the drug literature will come with enhanced warnings about potential for addiction and abuse.
7:39 am
dr. ann makenzie brown said she won't use it in our practice and thinks approving it was the wrong thing to do. >> i would not advise this drug to go to market. there is always a balance between what we call risk benefit ratio and to me the benefits do not rise to the level of the risk for this particular medication. >> reporter: in fact in bringing it to market the fda went against recommendation of its own advisory panel which voted 11-against approving this drug. it is expected to hit the market, martha, unless the fda does something about it, next few days. martha: good story, john, thank you very much. bill: a father is under fire after posting a photo of his 6-year-old daughter holding a rifle in her lap. not over one found the picture offensive. some say this is, no big deal. plus this. roll it. ♪
7:40 am
martha: ellen deagainries said, are you happy? hey, got its own twitter handle. got viral with pharell's famous hat is making the headlines. ♪ [ male announcer ] we know they're out there.
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7:44 am
up for a ebay. went for 40 grand. who is the lucky owner, martha maccallum. it is arby's. they tweeted to pharell can we get our hat back? arby's tweeted again we're supportive to get our hat back and. martha: maybe he could get the hat. bill: maybe he could. enjoy the curly fries, roast beef and lemonade. martha: yummy. how about this, a photo of a baby girl holding a rifle. it's a bolt-action rifle, igniting a firestorm of outrage in connecticut. there is also a lot of support for the dad that snapped this picture. the photo was posted on the shop's facebook page, sparking comments like this. not one thing wrong with pic. was unloaded and bolt was open. teach safety and respect of the gun, young. that got this reaction. educate, educate who? the baby?
7:45 am
firearm safety for a 6-month-old? i don't think so. you can see the mixed reaction to this photo. leslie marshall, syndicated talk show host and fox news contributor. michael graham, syndicated radio host and fox news contributor. leslie you first. >> oh, my god, disgusting. i'm a mom. not a big gun gal. don't want to take away anyone's guns. i don't see too many six-month-olds at shooting range. i'm interested howe michael will defend this one. even nra doesn't have pictures of babies on their website. i don't think this is good idea. furthermore, in the state of connecticut. this is pouring salt i believe in the wounds of people who that image might conjure up even more bad memories of children they will mourn the rest of their lives. martha: michael what do you think. >> i think this picture is very funny and it is point of taking the picture to be funny. i love the e-trade ads. i assume everyone else does too.
7:46 am
i right bet, right now she has a kid, holding a beer bottle and a kid. >> absolutely not. >> behind the wheel of the car. this is stuff you do with kids. but it is hilarious. that is reflection of absolute antigun attitude in media and northeast where i do radio. my 14-year-old son, told me when he turned 14 last year he wanted to go to the local gun range. we know a gun training buy. he had especially modified ar-15 rifle, what people call an assault rifle. i took a picture of my son firing first time. posted it on facebook. oh, my gosh, attack after attack. we're horrible parents. how dare you do this sure enough they also played the sandy hook card. which is ridiculous. nobody is thinking about sandy hook in that context. >> you know, the dad says he was in the gun shop and he rested it on the baby's lap. the baby was in a car seat. she put her hands around it. he thought it was funny.
7:47 am
so he put it on the facebook page. he never insended -- intended to be seen by some people. that is what happens when you put something out on internet. this is larger questions the picture brings up because a lot of our viewers said, it is not a big deal. this baby was in no danger. the bolt was open on this rifle. it was empty. it was not loaded. but it does raise the kind of, issues that you both are talking about and it is that issue of, of gun control and whether or not something more should have been accomplished. the president said he wanted to accomplish more than he did after sandy hook. i mean, leslie, that is what it conjures up for everyone, regardless of innocence perhaps of this picture and his father, it is his choice if he wants to take a picture of his child like that, not something i would do but it is his choice. >> it is his choice. like my mother said don't write anything down you don't want the world to read. facebook, twitter, et cetera, we shouldn't post pictures we don't want the world to see.
7:48 am
speaking of world seeing it. we do need to remember, perception is reality. do we want the world to perceive parents out there as putting guns into baby's hands? think how taken out of context it could be. michael, your son is 14, he is not six months old. with regard to legislation, martha, no question, the overwhelming majority of americans think we need to have universal background checks. many nra members feel that way as well. that is an area i think should be pushed and put forth again in washington by our legislators that speaks to the will of the people. martha: michael? >> this, notion that guy even thought that people would react to this picture, what is there to react to? the six-month-old is not going to shrink the bolt-action rifle over her shoulder and head out for the nearest shopping mall. it was just a funny family photo. the fact we have some people, frightening number here in new england who live in absolute fear and terror of concept of guns. this is about it hag guns.
7:49 am
has nothing to do with parenthood or safety or legislation. this is just -- martha: graham family babies are pictured with beer bottles in their hands too so. >> yeah. >> my kids will not beholding a beer anytime soon. martha: we all have pictures of -- >> you don't have any pictures of kid, put them into context that makes it funny because they're a kid? you have no photos like that? martha: madonna did that with her kids. holding big liquor bottles. we did a segment on o'reilly. thanks you guys. good to see you, michael. good to see you, leslie. bill: jon scott hanging out on a monday morning 11 minutes away. i bet you were skiing somewhere, weren't you? >> no a little snowshoeing. but the tensions in the world right now continue to ramp up. the growing showdown between the united states and russia of course, bill. russian forces intensify the infiltration of ukraine this
7:50 am
hour as echoes of the cold war reverberate around europe. we have live team fox coverage including reporters on the ground in ukraine and analysis from every angle. bret baier joins us as well. we'll talk to dagen mcdowell about the impact of the crisis on the economy in this country and a look how the media is covering the story. a big couple hours ahead on "happening now." bill: drama today, jon scott, see you at the top of the hour. the atf is facing more tough questions because of questionable tactics during undercover stings. we'll explain this next. >> you say that the operation was extremely flawed would be a vast understatement. it certainly was the keystone cops in operation. comcast brought millions of people closer
7:51 am
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to nbcuniversal's coverage of the biggest olympic winter games ever, with the most coverage of the most events on every device. and the most hours of streaming video on the nbc sports live extra app, including the x1 platform from xfinity. comcast was honored to bring every minute of every medal of nbcuniversal's coverage to every screen. so what's next? rio 2016. welcome to what's next. comcast nbcuniversal. bill: another black eye for the bureau of
7:54 am
alcohol, tobacco and firearms, coming in the wake of the "fast & furious" scandal this is. the atf under investigation for running botched storefront sting operations in cities all across america, from los angeles, william la jeunesse is back on this story for us. explain what happened here, william. >> reporter: well, bill, essentially the atf opened about three dozen pawn shops around the u.s. to get crime guns off the street. problem is some stores opened across from schools and churches, against policy agents attracted juveniles with free videogames and alcohol. in one case, paid two informants, one mentally deficient to get tattoos on their neck of a squid smoking a joint to promote the store. taxpayers paid later to remove the tatoos. house lawmakers expressed concern. last week the agency admits mistakes but they defended the operation. >> you say that the operation was extremely flawed would be a vast understatement.
7:55 am
it certainly was the keystone cops in operation. >> that is the whole purpose of a storefront. it enhances the public safety, the undercover agent safety and able to get good evidence on audio and video and, we keep refining and retooling to enhance, getting violent criminals off the street. >> reporter: besides this hearing the inspector general is also investigating the storefront stings in four cities, bill? bill: what do the agents say about this under cover work, william? >> reporter: as previous operations show, when you get in the gutter with thugs and gang bankers you're going to get dirty. in this exclusive video, agents will bust a man -- [shouting] [bleep] >> reporter: there agents bust a man offering to be a hit man in exchange for meth and a machine gun. here's another. >> nitroglycerin [bleep] and gunpowder [bleep]
7:56 am
killing [bleep] >> reporter: here an under cover agent is buying pipe bombs as managing gels. mistakes happen in undercover work but ultimately the public is better served. >> there are dozens bonn dozens of homicide caveses closed behind these cases which brings justice that event, closure to the family, holds the people responsible for violent crimes accountable and that seems to be lost in this story. >> reporter: in this operation they arrested about 300 suspects and took about 1300 weapons off the street. but as i said the investigation continues. bill: thank you, william la jeunesse from los angeles. martha. martha: the tense situation in ukraine spiraling out of control. protests in kiev ongoing after russia has now invaded crimea.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
martha: in frozen minnesota. >> what do you do, they build a luge course, 25 miles an hour. need one of those at home. bill: well-done, guys. martha: see you tonight, everybody. >> breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: the markets is selling off. the dow down triple digits as you can see. a look how wall street is reacting to the crisis in ukraine. scientists say a simple blood test could determine if you're about to die. the latest on a new research claims four chemicals in the blood can predict if death is right around the corner. the disappearance of a college student possibly linked to a man she recently met on a facebook dating site. we'll have the latest on the growing search. it is all "happening now."

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